In all great religions, we are taught that stealing is wrong.  So, for Communism or Socialism to work, traditional religions must be replaced with a new religion – the Religion of Social Justice.


[Excerpt:        Page 168 of The Robin Hood Lies]

[Chapter 11:  An Anomaly Called Phil]

I asked Phil why he thought Christians were so persecuted in Communist countries like China. He believed it was because in Christianity God gave us dominion over the earth and all the living things, all the plants, animals, and nature. God then gives us the freewill to work the land and enjoy the fruits of our labor. He went on to say, “You must remove the concept of God in order for a central government to be successful in taking away your freewill and property ownership. God has made man to be good stewards of His creations and that is why, as Christians, we are some of the world’s best environmentalists.”

Communists and Judeo-Christians are mutually exclusive; Christian religion tells us God made man with freewill to do our best. Communism tells us without a central government, the weakest will be economically subdued by the strongest.


[Excerpt:         Page 235 of The Robin Hood Lies]

[Chapter 15:   Patti Loses Her Religion]

The communist had to destroy religion because you cannot have Darwinism vs. Creationism; Socialism vs. Capitalism; i.e.; you need a central government vs. free will and free enterprise.  So the leaders of Russia closed the churches and outlawed gathering to pray.

You said that more wars were fought for religion. I do not believe that is true, and, in fact, a lie repeated and taught on CBS and in high schools. Let’s look at the last 120 years. WWI was a fight of Socialism vs. Capitalism.  WWII was a national Socialism vs. Capitalism war. The Korean War was about Socialism vs. Capitalism. Vietnam was more of the same. So, once again this shows how Liberals believe if they repeat a lie often and loud enough, it will become a strongly held belief, a fact. Man has fought religious wars - but few and far between. Ironically, we are in a religious war with Islam, but, since it is not with Christianity, it isn’t reported as a religious war.  Again, conservative facts to a Liberal are likepenicillin to syphilis; they just get in the way of their feelings and eventually destroy them.

Russian leaders said they would conquer America by getting our children to love communism and hate religion. Liberals and elite Socialists have spent the last 120 years undermining religion. Religious leaders and clerics are ridiculed and defamed at will. You cannot watch the news without hearing of some cleric in trouble. We are bombarded with, “There is no God.” Without religion, people would revert to animal behavior, abort their children, covet their neighbor’s wives, and kill their neighbors for food. Does this sound like I’m over-stating my position? Recently, people were asked what their decision would be if they had to pick saving their family pet or someone they did not know. Most said they would save their pet. I think this is a direct result of taking religion out of our lives.


Science without religion is lame; religion without science is blind.”

Albert Einstein