ü      The Move to the Left to Socialism


When Obama tells “Joe the Plumber” he wants to “share the wealth,” that is Socialism.

When Obama says he wants to ”take from the millionaires and billionaires, because that is only fair,” that is called Social Justice and a tenet of Socialism.

When you look at the list of  Obama’s mentors which included William Ayers, Rev. Wright, and Obama’s parents and grandparents, please take note that they were all Socialist. You then realize Socialism is in his DNA and Barrack Obama is a Socialist.

When Bill O’Reilly says he thinks Obama only leans to the left, but that he is not a Socialist, Bill is trying to be nice.


[Excerpt:         Page 147 of The Robin Hood Lies]

[Chapter 10:   For the LOVE of GOD, Lynn]

In a presidential edict, Obama signed into law that all employers must provide contraception to their female employees. This is a direct assault on religious freedom. The President, and his willing accomplices – the liberal media, want to say it is a birth control issue. They would have us believe that the debate is to move in the progressive direction of the secular Left or remain in the Stone Age.


[Excerpt:         Page 152  of The Robin Hood Lies]

[Chapter 11:   An Anomaly Called Phil]

In 2011, President Obama used presidential edict to order all religious organizations to offer free contraception such as the ‘morning after’ pill or condoms, as part of the new health care plan. Organizations refusing to obey this law could lose funding from the Federal government or be fined by the State. These actions increased Phil’s concern about what was going to happen to our country. Many good Catholic charities and Christian hospitals would now have to decide to forego their core beliefs or stop all their good works.


[Excerpt:         Page 193 of The Robin Hood Lies]

[Chapter 13:   Vance Would Give His Right Arm]

… according to the Department of Agriculture, the number of people on food stamps during the Barack Obama presidency has bloated to over 46 million people. Obama likes the idea of people needing the Federal government. The Feds need people to be dependent on the central planners, to vote for the central planners to expand government, and believe in the importance of central planners. It is a symbiotic relationship.

So where is the irony? At the same time the Feds are opening the doors to food stamps, the National Parks are on a campaign to get people to stop feeding the animals. They say it makes them too dependent on people!


Man is not free unless government is limited and as government expands liberty contracts.”

Ronald Reagan


[Excerpt:        Page 268 of The Robin Hood Lies]

[Chapter 16:  Pankonins – and the Dakota Indian Uprisings]

Socialists only need to divide in order to conquer. Once they divide, they can become the Messiah of the day and then ascend to the throne. All they need is to create a big enough supposed threat in the population’s mindset.

In modern day history, we have a Socialist congress which needs to villainize anyone on the conservative side of the aisle in order to divide and conquer. In the ‘70s, it was white racists found in conservative America. The Democrats found racism even when it didn’t exist. All they needed was a willing accomplice. With the help of the liberal media they took control of the ‘race’ cards. In the 1980s, the Democrats focused their attacks on the Religious Right and the threat to our freedom and liberties. They proclaimed them to be evil religious conservatives who wanted to take away our abortions, free drugs, and sex fought for in the ‘60s. In the ‘90s, the Democrats saw a vast right wing conspiracy in which the conservatives wanted to create a stain on the dress of the President’s intern. In the last decade, it was George W Bush who the Democrats declared as “a war monger.” “Bush lied people died!”

Sadly, many fail to note the double standard. Now that our Democratic President Obama is waging the war on terror, it is no longer front page news. Continuing Bush’s war on terror goes unnoticed by the Liberal Left. Where is the outrage from the Left? Where are the signs on the White House gates? Where are Cindy Sheehan and the interviews on CBS, NBC, ABC and the liberal media? The truth is the Liberals and the media really didn’t care about stopping the war on terror. They knew Bush was doing the right thing. They really only wanted to stop him in the upcoming election. To stop him, they had to try to do whatever it took to lose the war. If we lost the war, the President would lose the election. If that means we lose a war and our soldiers die, then that is just collateral damage in a larger war to fundamentally change America.

In 2010, the Democratic fight turned against the Tea Party which it depicted as racist. It had to be stopped by the Liberal Left. In reality, the Tea party is the last line of defense against Socialism taking hold in America. The Occupy Wall Street movement is the opposite of the Tea Party. Occupy Wall Street did not have any organized cognitive thought as to what they wanted when they began. The Tea Party was created to stop socialization of America, to stop ObamaCare, to stop new bail outs, to stop Congress spending like drunken sailors, and to respond to Obama taking over the previous giant of the auto industry, General Motors (GM). When reporters ask the Occupy Wall Street crowd to explain their agenda, the answers vary with a wide range of responses.


[Excerpt:         Page 270 of The Robin Hood Lies]

[Chapter 16:   Pankonins – and the Dakota Indian Uprisings]

Slogans included messages about wanting to take from the 1 percent who own 37 percent of the wealth. Ironically, the day Steve Jobs died, the protestors had a moment of silence in his honor. The irony was Steve Jobs was clearly a member of the 1 percent from whom they wanted to steal wealth. More ironically, Steve Jobs’ estate will pay inheritance tax of up to 50 percent. Even more poignant is the fact that Steve Jobs created employment for thousands of people. If you take all his incentives, and all the incentives for subsequent generations of people like Steve Jobs, you will kill jobs and all future innovation that creates jobs.

Our current President wants to take this Socialist dysfunctional energy and co-opt it, then funnel it back to the Democratic Party. He cannot run on his record of bail outs, failed stimulus packages, increased unemployment, and increased inflation. So he shifted the focus back to class envy for his campaign to get re-elected in 2012. I am sure the Democrats learned from their previous experiences of high jacking the black vote how to accomplish this transformation.

What will it take to get the “Occupy” movement to understand that Barney Frank and our federal government in Washington started the current economic mess? Instead they parrot what they hear and show up on Wall Street when they should be on Pennsylvania Avenue.

The fact that the Tea Party was created by the people to stop Barack Obama from moving our country towards a socialized European styled America is a threat to the Left. The Left has to destroy the Tea Party! If the Left is unable to stop the Tea Party, then we, the people, may be able to stop the dismantling and destruction of the greatest experiment in the history of the world. The Tea Party wasn’t a Democratic or Republican backed movement. It was an open, spontaneous uprising from both sides.


[Excerpt:         Page 275 of The Robin Hood Lies]

[Chapter 17:   The VOTE]

What Romney should have said was, “Yes, there are 47 percent of the American people who like getting free stuff , I’m looking for the other 53 percent who believe in freedom, hard work and an honest compensation for doing it. I want to preserve the American Dream for my children and grandchildren, for all our children.”


[Excerpt:         Page 288 of The Robin Hood Lies]

[Chapter 18:   Nature or Nurture]

Liberalism and Socialism are very seductive. In them, there is no God; therefore, there are no rules.