Do you vote? 

Do you believe it matters?  Oh! We can rant and rave all we want amongst our family and friends and co-workers and we can listen to all the political pundits and talking heads that bombard us daily – if we let them.  But if we don’t make full use of the democratic Vote, which is one of our precious freedoms and rights here in the United States of America, then we should not be contributing to the noise pollution of our Nation.

Do you care how many illegal residents voted in our last elections?

I have to show an I.D. card to:

v      Join my local library

v      Get into my community pool

v      Make any transactions at any of my banks

So what is the basis of the uproar against VOTER I.D.  Showing our personal I.D. is such a common every-day occurrence in our lives – even for the most insignificant things.  We should demand and promote every security opportunity to protect this precious Voting Right we have in America.

What is actually happening today, is that  when a Conservative promotes the idea everyone should show his or her I.D. to vote, they are called racist. The argument is taken to the lowest common denominator and the debate is summarily discharged. The Liberal Elites like to play the “race” card. The fact that the Democratic National Committee is racist by definition goes mostly unnoticed. What do I mean? The Elite Democrats will tell their black and female constituents, “You cannot make it if you are black or a woman without the help of the Democratic Party.” They must believe women and minorities are three quarters of a white male. This is an old carryover idea from before the Civil War.

In great contrast, as a Conservative, I believe anyone can make it in America if they work hard and long enough.  It is the element of Freedom to try that has made our country one of the strongest in the world to date.


All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent.”

Thomas Jefferson


[Excerpt:       Page 129 of The Robin Hood Lies]

[Chapter  9:  Greeks are Coming To America]

We are at a critical point in American history during which we need to grow our economy and not the size of our government. We need to create a business environment with a fully engaged private sector willing to make the necessary investments to secure our great nation from the negative effects of Socialism. Through the support and growth of Capitalism, more of our own people will have the opportunity to invest in our own country.


[Excerpt:         Page 283 of The Robin Hood Lies]

[Chapter 17:   The VOTE]

Historically, in our Democracy, we have seen small swings - never too far Left or too far Right. In a totalitarian state, a swing is always harsh and often devastating. Look at what happened after the Chinese Revolution; it was followed by Communist Chairman Mao’s murderous reign. It was estimated that forty to seventy million people died from starvation, forced labor and executions. When the freedoms of the citizens are taken and their properties are confiscated, they react. In order to control them the Central Planners must overreact.


[Excerpt:         Page 285 of The Robin Hood Lies]

[Chapter 18:   Nature or Nurture]

I urge Democrats, Republicans and Independents alike - to join forces, close ranks, and take action immediately. Become educated. Educate your own children. Get involved. Make your voice heard. Prove to our future generations that we knew it was freedom and free enterprise in a capitalist economy that made our country the greatest nation under God. The process for doing this is simple; it is called The VOTE!