About the Author


In 1974, Frank Merlo received an Honorable Discharge from the U. S. Navy as a Vietnam War Veteran.

In 1978, Merlo graduated from the University of California, Irvine,(UCI). Many of his classmates were Vietnamese boat people with whom he competed and struggled to be in the top 10 percent. They came from a country that had spent the prior twenty years fighting Socialism, and knew firsthand, the horrors of a socialized society.

Frank Merlo’s degree is in Bio-Psychology, Math and Science, but his true passion

is the study of History.

In 1976, he voted for Jimmy Carter. Being young and in college, it felt like the thing to do. After only two years, the Carter administration’s assault on freedom and Capitalism and  the devastation occurring in the economy in the wake of a Liberal President was becoming all too apparent, so Frank began to write “The Robin Hood Lies.”

In “The Robin Hood Lies,” Merlo writes about good Capitalists he has known, the history they lived, and the need to tell their stories before the Michael Moore’s in our society, and the Liberal Left, decide to re-write them.

In 1980, Frank recalls that he voted for Ronald Reagan and his soul found quiet solace.  Once Reagan won the Office of the President, Merlo thought his beloved U.S.A. had dodged a Socialist and economic bullet.

A few years ago, a neighbor’s teenage daughter asked Frank, “What’s so bad about Socialism?” She was leaving that day for a university on the Left coast, and Frank realized he had stories to tell that could no longer wait to be told.

Merlo writes about a twelve step recovery program which resembles AA. It is a program for those who once voted for a Liberal but were then disillusioned by the devastating results.

Today, Frank and Cathy, his wife of 38 years, have four adult children and ten grandchildren for whom they are very grateful. He feels a responsibility to “tell it like it is,” before a Socializing government has time to fundamentally change America.

It is one of Merlo’s hopes and prayers that every parent will have their children read, “The Robin Hood Lies,” before they leave home for the Socialist indoctrination camps

a.k.a. the Institutes of Higher Learning.